Creating has always been a passion from bridal gowns to curtains,knitting, embroidery ,baking to noveity cake decoration....I like to be busy and save money!!!! Crafting for me began way back creating outfits for my Sindy dolls that grew into a full on passion in a multitude of crafts. At 53 years of age I'm still eager to try new crafts and enlarge on the ones I know. I love to paint such items as toy boxes, trays & firescreens, even enjoying (well the end result mainly) painting & decorating. House renovation, building & extending has always been a part of my life. With my roots embedded in rural, farming life, were once making everything for yourself was the "norm"--my mother & her sisters were awesome tutors----I was "green" long before it was fashionable to be green!!! We all need a touch of luxury and if we can "tart-up" our surroundings at little cost but time & effort, to keep or give away, then that's a tonic worth sharing. I'm certainly enjoying all the busymitt crafters wonderful works..it's awesome to have others creations to admire and ,in return, have your own makings appreciated and to make new friends with those that know how much love and effort goes into a project. I'm so glad I stumbled apon this site and I've introduced other like minded people to busymitts.

Zolly's Status

"The knitting is under way starting with a scarf that I'll pick up stitches along the lenght for front back & sleeves!!"

Leyland Lancashire