I enjoy doing crafts when I am not busy doing school and other such things in life. I'd much rather create something then buy it, to me being able to have someone compliment on say your necklace, and being able to say. Yea I like it to, I made it. That means a lot to me, so most of my crafts are something I wear, or use everyday. The biggest jewelry crafting I do, is chainmaille. I've been doing for about 3 years, and have hundreds of chains laying around. =) I am also starting to learn how to sew so, my newest and most accomplished task was complete a bow case for my bow. Being involved with archery my dear bow was lacking a case, so I none other then sewed it a little case. Card making is also something I do, I actually go to several little craft fairs here and there vending these cards. But yea... Thats about all I have to say about my crafting life. Feel free to talk with me? =)

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