I'm a music journalist and writer. I grew up on the Norfolk Broads in England; I studied music journalism and media at the University of Huddersfield and graduated in 2010. I now live in Glasgow, Scotland. I love crafting! My whole family is creative one way or another. I've been making cards since I was 5 (like they make you do in school at Christmas, etc...). I've made my Christmas cards by hand every year for I can't remember how long! My Dad tried to show me how to cross-stitch as a child but I just couldn't understand it. I taught myself to cross-stitch at uni, during my second year. I found it particularly helpful during my final year when I was writing my dissertation; it helped me to switch my brain off, chill out and calm down before bed. I like sewing though I'm not very good at it yet - I'm trying to teach myself by hand first. I'd love to use a sewing machine but I don't trust myself yet! I love knitting! I've been knitting since March 2011, after being shown how at the Creative Stitches craft show at the SECC. I haven't made anything too adventurous yet, though I have a nice pile of patterns I want to try at some point. I'm just trying to teach myself various stitches so that one day soon, I can put them together and make something from a pattern! I find most pattern instructions very confusing and frustrating unless I look at them for a long time or I break them up into manageable chunks that I can understand without crying! I have a list of crafts and arty-stuff that I want to learn!

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"Attempting a new idea. The pattern I found is confusing me, so I'm making it up as I go along... This may well end in tears (and lots of fluff!)"


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