I live with my hubby, in a small village three miles from the New Forest and three miles from the sea...so the best of both worlds. I love crafting, writing my never ending story. I was more than 'chuffed' when the first chapter was one of ten entries, out of 46 thousand to get picked, shame it didn't win though! But the phone calls from the Richard and Judy show were nail bitting while they lasted! I love drawing, and have had a few cartoons published in the past in National and local papers and magazines. I love card making, but haven't been doing it for long, found it as many people do, from flicking through the channels on the TV, when I was getting over illness. I wouldn't be without my computer. It has sooo much on it, I'm a great collector of freebie downloads!! If there's something you want (freebie) I can probably tell you were to get it! I have two daughters. Maria lives in The States with her hubby, and Emma has just married Tom and lives about half an hour away (if you drive very fast!) Come and say hi over on my blog... http://spyder-spyderscorner.blogspot.com/ http://spyder-spyderscorner.blogspot.com/ No...I'm not three.....but I had to put something otherwise it wouldn't save!

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New Forest, Hampshire