I'm a 30something stay-at-home-mum to a 2 year old boy called Aston. I have one dog and 2 rabbits and I am a keen crafter - my main pastimes being knitting, crochet and cardmaking. I only recently taught myself to crochet as I love Amigurumi and that's the only reason I wanted to learn! I can't remember when I was taught to knit but my interest was rekindled when I was expecting my son and my nesting instinct manifested itself as an urge to knit - not just for my own baby but for other people's as well! I went on to knit Christmas presents for people and I've now even done a few things for myself! Fave tv: most crime or hospital dramas (CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds, Casualty, ER, Holby City etc), Eastenders, Neighbours, real life crime/hospital shows, quiz shows. Fave music: Linkin Park, Evanescence, Blackmore's Night, Levellers, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Boyzone, NKOTB and much more! Fave books: anything by Tess Gerritsen, Sue Grafton or Terry Pratchett. I also love the Vampire and Witch Chronicles by Anne Rice I've been a practising Pagan for about 8 years now. My particular interests would be herbalism, traditions of witchcraft, nature conservation and healing magick. I have ME/CFS which is why I'm at home all day, every day. Knitting, crochet and cardmaking are some of the few things I can manage to do even if I am in pain. Hoorah for handicrafts! I don't really blog on here. If you want to read my blog please visit:

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