Hi. I have been married to Geoff for 25 years and have 2 cats, Mindy and Jessie. My profile picture is of my beautiful Muffin, who slipped away quietly in her sleep in the early hours of 1st March, aged 18. I still miss her so much. I enjoy knitting, reading,sewing. I started knitting when I was a child, when my late granny taught me when I broke my ankle (falling out of a tree - I still blame my brother for that :) I am hopeless at crochet. I have tried, but it just doesn't turn out. Have been meaning to learn properly. I collect knitting and crochet patterns, much to my hubby's horror. Tell him that one can never have too many patterns. He just shakes his head and rolls his eyes heavenwards. Me thinks he gives up with me :) I mainly knit while watching TV, which I have been doing a lot of over the last 4 years due to a leg injury and 4 major operations on my knee. I also knit in bed . If we go out or travel long distances, I will knit.

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Bawdeswell (near Norwich), Norfolk, UK