Married 11 years to Tony, been a knitter for nearly 30 years so think have got the bug bad! Moved to Benfleet, Essex just short of two years ago from Barking (also in Essex, but nearer to London) from a one bed flat to a four bed house so have room to move at last. Gave up work when we moved cos I worked in Barking part time so wouldn't be worth all the effort of getting there and back in rush hour for what I would have earned. Plus it means I can jet off to my Caravan in Clacton at a moments notice, pretty much anyway!! Not a very adventurous knitter really, although this year I have started making things for myself so am getting braver! I also make beaded jewellery which I love doing - my sister-in-law's fiancee can't believe I have the patience to do it, and to be honest neither can I really. It's the same as with the knitting, you sometimes get a little mental block on certain bits, throw it across the room then go and get it and start all over again!

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"cheesed off with still coughing after two weeks"