I'm a pagan mum to five,most of whom have grown up but the youngest two are still at home and the baby of our family has now turned nine ,so hopefully I will be spending more time on Busy Mitts .I absolutely love crafting almost anything and everything that it is possible to craft with. I make my own jewellery, cards, hats berets etc I make soaps, staffs & wands.I love doing pyrography and water colour painting, crochet, reading, gardening and I am now enjoying baking again after years of despair regards my kitchen and always being stuck there ... lol .I have recently started reborning baby's. Just wish there were more hours in each day so that I could get more done :) I also do some knitting but am more at home with my crochet, woodcrafting cardmaking and cooking as they come second nature to me.

Honeypies's Status

"Here one minute and gone the next xx"