I'm Helly. I'm a reluctant SAHM, but an enthusiastic crafter. I live with my husband and two children (aged 17 months and 7 years). I love books, reading, and poetry. Craftwise, I enjoy pretty much anything I can afford to turn my hand to including beading, crochet, cardmaking, knitting, photography and scrapbooking. I'm a south-paw and hence I find that there's few instructions that are helpful when it comes to learning a new craft. But I'm not opposed to a challenge. I've taught myself to play both piano and flute and being left-handed hasn't altered my ability, so new crafts, in my opinion, should be the same. I also enjoy putting together my own gift baskets, and I've been known to put together my own party decorations. However, I'm the first to admit that I can't draw or paint for toffee.

Helly's Status

"needs a social life."

Boondocks, Bedfordshire