I am a self-taught jewelry designer. I have been making jewelry since 2009. It all started as a hobby when I made the decision to spend less time in the office and more time enjoying life. Being a single mom I have focused my life to working and providing for the ones I love that a part of me got left passion for Arts & Crafts. With the support of my son and family, I have been able to find the artistic side of me again. Currently most of my beading is done at night (like an Owl) a way to unwind after a stressful day. I find I do not have a particular style as I accessories based on occasion, season or simply mood. With that in mind I consider my design style as your "every day wear". I try to design pieces to accessories an office attire, pieces a bit more casual for when spending time with family and friend, pieces to fit the seasons and pieces to dress up that little black dress. I have a passion for learning new techniques with every piece I design. Most of my designs are primarily made by stringing beads and/or using chains. I look forward in the near future to learn to make polymer clay beads, paper beads, metal stamping and wire wrapping. I take great pride in each item I design and offer as all items are handcrafted for quality. When I am not crafting, I love spending time with my family and two dogs, reading, gardening or simply fixing something around the house. I look forward to learning from my fellow jewelry artisan and welcome all feedback. Maribel (Beading Owl)

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New Rochelle, NY