My passion and love for art, dance, drama and music has begun ever since I was a child. Moving and shaking to the music, learning and making crafts, explored and studied drama and currently, I’m studying to become a dance movement therapist. Craft has always been part of my life, I’m simply not able to detach from it. Ventured into folk art, paper tole, ceramic painting, mural painting, sketching ... and even dreamt of setting up an art n craft shop and teach art. However, half of my life has been devoted to teaching. O yes, art and music were part of my teaching subjects though English was my main field. Futhermore, I also taught drama and movement. Moving to Netherlands, I began to venture into making wedding ring pillows and other craft items in April 2006. It was a suggestion by my mother-in-law who knows I love craft. My husband, Jeroen, my in-laws and my family are very encouraging and supportive in whatever I do. Well! Torn between two loves: I aim to strike a balance ~ my love for craft and being a dance movement therapist in the near future. : )

Agapeliz's Status

"Sorry folks! I have been focusing on my professional field as a dance therapist now. :) Continue to use my craft now in my work as an educator and therapist. :) "