Hello: my name is Rita, a mother of 2 a boy and a girl. I am native of Panama and I have an incredible passion for handmade art. I love quilting, sewing, decorating and designing unique projects. One of the handembroidery & handmade pieces that I am absolutely krazy about is called "mola or molas" the molas are the most sophisticated textile art within Latin America and is the signature craft of the Kuna Indians of San Blas, "Panama" . I am always creating something new with these beautiful handmade reverse appliques or appliques. I have the most beautiful and superb high quality pieces. These pieces of art work are also for sell on my website. Mola Art began two hundred years ago, it is not known the exact day and year that the Kunas started making molas, the mola art is thought to have originated from body painted in the women of the seventeenth century, then applied to cloth and then dress decoration. This art has been handed down from mothers to grandmothers to young girls for centuries. Molas are like the Kunas History books, they keep happiness, sadness, traditions, they tell us everything that happen through their life from birth to death. The Kunas combine verbal, visual and performance arts that give us the insight of what they value, they think and how they feel. Mola in Kuna language means "blouse", each mola is made in pair, meaning one mola will serve as the front of the blouse and the 2nd mola as the back of the blouse, when presented together as a pair, two molas should portray the same subject, look very much alike, and differ only in small details of the designs and colors; they should always harmonize with each other. If the women's do not longer want to continue wearing that blouse, they remove them from the blouse carefully and sell it. The sale of molas is a major source of income for the Kuna women's, they are responsible for the family income. Kuna women's are consider the pillar of the society. If you are interested in learning more about the Kunas, the book "Molas and Kuna Traditions" by Lecumberry is available for sale through my website. My goal is to help everyone enjoy cretivity and I hope to add fun in everyone's life with products that are a pleasure to own or to create different craft/sewing projects. I hope you are filled with my passion for the love of Mola Art. please visit my gallery at:



West Carrollton, Ohio

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