I love all things "mountain" and outdoors...especially skiing! In the non-winter months I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, trail running...just about anything that gets me outside. But when I do find myself inside (and not working--I am a registered nurse) I entertain my newest addiction--knitting. My Mother taught me how to knit (and thankfully in the continental method which I think is easier--but that is probably just because it is the only way I know how to knit! :)...but it never really "stuck" with me as a teen. I still have the first sweater I tried to knit. It was so close to done--both front and back panels and one sleeve complete! I actually don't know where it is anymore--I am guessing my Mother has it tucked away somewhere in my parents house. I took knitting back up in earnest about two years ago and have been 100% addicted and have built up quite a stash of yarn for such a new knitter! I have just recently rediscovered crochet, something I also learned about two years ago. At that time, I really much prefered knitting--and still do really--but I had a bad ski accident over a month ago and it resulted in a pretty intense surgery on my neck--removing three obliterated discs from my neck and rebuilding them, and then giving me some kind of space-age-metal plate with screws at those three levels. What I found was that with all the medications I am taking as I recover--it is really hard for me to keep track of where I am in my knitting projects--a lot of messing-up and frogging or tinking back. I discovered that playing around with crocheting little bits...learning to crochet a flower for example, or a neat spiral or square--is a small enough and easy enough job (especially when following a video tutorial as I have been doing a lot of). I get to learn all these neat new techniques--and get the satisfaction of finishing a project because it is so small. I just recently relocated to very north and western Washington state from Vermont (where I lived on and off having moved to several ski towns ut west for a few winters here and there...more of the ski bum life) since 1989 when I moved from my hometown in Rhode Island up to Vermoont for my undergrad degree. I am looking at nursing jobs in Arizona and California while I am recovering too and that keeps things exciting--the prospect of trying out a new town, a new climate, a new chapter in life! I am glad I found this website. I have been very much addicted to Ravelry for it's endless patterns (loads of new ones every day--so every day is a new suprise...and my favorites list is getting ginormous!) for the great forums, and just being able to commune with folks from all over the world about all things knit and crochet. I like that this website is similar in those aspects--but embraces all crafts and artforms. Very much looking forward to meeting you all. Oh...and I can be found on Ravelry, same user name, 3mountaingirl, I do have a few projects with photos posted there. Sure wish I had purchased a digital camera before this February!! So many projects have been made and given away with no photo record of it...ah well...hindsight! ;) Respectfully, Elaine (3mountaingirl)

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